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Company Description

VIBBIDI began from the humble desire of a few college friends to make today’s music-listening experience more enjoyable for everyone, giving Users the power to discover music outside the usual mainstream realm & connecting Artists with the audiences who make their careers possible.


With the advancement of the internet & digital streaming technologies, access to musical content has become a universal right in today’s society, but that same progress also fragmented the music community by making streaming a singular experience to be enjoyed on your own without the influence of friends or fans. Music is no longer appreciated from the heart, instead consisting only of recommended Playlists paid for by record labels.


We used to take pleasure in finding hidden gems, making mix CDs & trading discoveries with friends to improve our sense of self, but it feels like most Streaming services today just want you to follow the crowd, unable to express your individuality. In an effort to bring everyone back together, we created VIBBIDI to reunite the masses & turn music into a communal experience full of the life & comfort of the old days, letting you experience music how you want to in one central location without the fear of being left behind.

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