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Company Description

Three decades of growth
Topkey Group, founded in 1980 years, started with Racket business, and diverse its corporate strength in composite Bike business, helmet, aviation, medical parts and corporate strategic business. With more than 30 years of composite application experiences with various products and industrial application, Topkey has successfully upgraded the modernization of composite application industry, transformed the manufacturing oriented business type into technology oriented business type proactively, and contributed its findings & results for a wide range of corporate products and for the composite industry. Topkey successfully develops its unique strength and corporate synergy to assist customers to realize their dreams, and wins market leading customers’ satisfactory and long term support.
Equipped with the most advanced technicians and state-of-the-art devices, Topkey facilitates all research and development projects. Furthermore, these research results are shared and incorporated with our leading-edge alliances partners & suppliers to help promote the development of various technologies.
Message from Chairman  Walter Shen, Chairman
Ever since Topkey was founded forth decades ago, we have upheld our management philosophy with integrity, diligence, innovation, and gratitude to better our customer satisfaction, ¬employee contentment, share-holder interests, sustainable management, and societal give-back; above constitutes our company motto ” five successfully humanist and amity enterprise”. We hope to help our clients achieve a win-win situation as well as optimize their benefits with the consideration of moral values. “Utilizing innovative technology to better the quality of life by promoting a healthy, leisurely, and pleasant lifestyle” is our ever-lasting commitment for sustaining the management of our enterprise. Topkey sets its goal to carry out the societal, moral responsibility of what a successful and caring enterprise should possess.
Customer satisfaction: We provide safe and high quality products, and passed numerous security certificates and quality certificates for ensuring customers’ right and interests.
Employees’ happiness: Value the balance of employees’ work and family life; provide complete welfare for employees and a safe and healthy working environment and regular education training; improve the complete flow of processing and detailed product specification; enhance work efficiency; reduce opportunity of work overtime; obey labor principles and rights in order to build a good communication channel relationship between labors and capitals.
Interest of Shareholders: Emphasis on corporate management, fully expose important matters as well as information on non-financial pay-performances, to guarantee shareholders' interests.
Sustainable management: Topkey Enterprise has always upheld the integrity and the principle of sustainable management, guarantee of employee rights, and remain a long-term partnership with its customers. In response to the changes in climate, environment and ecology, carbon and energy reduction, as well as environmental protection, Topkey’s strive for perfection is utmost important. It’s Topkey’s unshirkable responsibility to actively promote green procurement activity, green products, implement energy saving, reduction in emission, going green, circulation, cut down the impact on the environment from the production process.
Societal give-back: Committed to "the pursuit of harmony, sustainable development of the society" to achieve the goal; actively participate in social services, using sustainable management value of diversity, spirit, enthusiasm. Using sustainable management, multivalued creation and spirit to continue to promote the employees to participate in community services with passion, as well as long-term sponsorship for various educational and cultural activities. At the same time, establish Topkey Education Foundation in the year of 2010, steadily build the ideal that we can undertake the corporate social responsibilities to provide decent job opportunities, innovation in material technology practices. Jobs for social good have of innovative materials and technology to hold the value of the creation in carbon fiber; have contribution to the nation’s development in economy as well as innovation in technology.
Topkey aims to enhance growth and perfection continuously, and become a world leader in carbon fiber composite products. In the future, the company will strive and implement the principles mentioned above to create a better future.

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