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Company Description

 C.T Group established since 1992, has been known as the symbol of a young, dynamic and diversified community who made a long step toward the new century. C.T Group kept growing along the strong growth of the nation during the "Renovation" and "Integration" periods into the world economy.

At the beginning, with a few of people and a limited capital, we overcame many difficulties. Base on our determination, patience, bravery, we have continuously developed and grown to be a strong group.

Presently, our key-businesses are focusing on attractive sectors: Real Estate, Hi-end Retail, Construction, Corporate Finance, Eco-Tourism. Our recent success has been the result from our practical strategy and integration in every our business sector.

Corporate History

1992: Saigon Trading Co. (STC) established, specializing in Properties , FMCG, cosmetics, supplies and real estate by Mr. Tran Kim Chung.

1993: STC was renamed as C&T Trading and Service Co. C&T stands for “ Challenge of the Twenty First Century “.

1998: Established C&T International Corporation.

2000: Developed a chain of individual high-end retail shops nationwide.

2006: Established C.T Group – Diversified Group – Total New Urban Developer.

2007: Achieved significant success in the business with integrated concept of Life-style industry combined with society desires from Housing - Shopping – Playing – Dining – Entertaining. C.T Group is not only featured on Wall street Journal as “ The Claws of the Vietnamese Dragon“ but also receiving several awards from the Government and the Press.

2008-2009: Maintaining a high growth rate and became a Leader in Smokeless Industry and obtained the leading position in the real estate business.

2010-2011: Continuously growing up in 6 business sectors and reaching to oversea markets.

2012: The 20th anniversary of the founding of the C.T Group with a great deal of emulation is taking place throughout. Especially, on June 29 th, 2012, C.T Group received 2 third-class Labor Medals awarded by the President and 3 certificates of merit by the Prime Minister to individuals and organizations for outstanding achievements.

2013 - 2014: C.T Group undertook a successful corporate organization restructuring exercise in anticipation of future global challenges and the vast opportunities presented by Vietnam’s optimistic economic growth. C.T Group re-organized itself into the following human resources groupings known as “Forces”, readying itself for accelerated corporate growth, to grasp the great opportunities in a fast growing Vietnam economy, with the objective of powering a dynamic C.T Group to grow even faster, from strength to strength!

2015 - 2016: is the preparation for C.T Group to take off in 2017. All of the key projects of C.T Group have made great strides.

2017: Launch of important events, celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the C.T Group foundation: Léman Cap Resort & Spa was named as the winner of the 2016 Gold Circle Awards of Agoda.com. On April 23, 2017, after much controversy and experimentation, the high-quality I-Home House model has come to life; the/on 27th of April, 2017 - Soft Opening Léman Luxury Apartments and the Launching of Bon Grocer - the High-end supermartket.

2018: Inauguration of the C. T Plaza Wall Street Office building; Accelerate the progress of projects and participate in important economic affairs activities. Sponsoring cultural and sports events such as: sponsoring 500 million VND for "The 8th Sports Festival of 2018"; sponsoring the accommodation for Miss Vietnam National – the final round ...


1. Being a Leading Multi-Sector Business Group, who takes pride in developing the new integrated urban concept, C.T Group has a lofty mission to improve Vietnam’s real estate standing and build a new improved Vietnamese lifestyle.

2. C.T Group has another important mission: Human Development, in which C.T Group’s employees are the absolute owners of the Group. They understand themselves, control their lives and are happy in every aspect of their life which then contributes to an amazingly happy Vietnamese community and nation.

3. Strive to form and develop a humane corporation and in turn a humane community, as C.T Group’s motto. Setting a new trend for Corporations to emulate whereby the Corporation exist for the Development of the Community.

Core Values

1. Understand and share our passions for the good with our employees and with the greater community.

2. Love what we do and take that as a motivation to create continously improving products and services for our customers and the society.

3. Deeply recognize the HR Development strategies of the Group: “Culture -Technology - Speed - Globalization - Different - Westpoint”, which promotes the unity and care spirits of a miniture society – creating the C.T Group family. This allows us to achieve success as a whole economically and spiritually through out defined benefit system. This also allows us to grow the next generation of C.T Groupwith the highest morality of: Integrity - Righteousness -Benevolence - Wisdom - Fidelity.

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