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Established in 2002, to date Intage Vietnam successfully completed nearly 12 years’ of operation in market research in Vietnam and harvested a wealth of knowledge and success for the company and client. Going through 12 years’ development, Intage Vietnam is currently not only a leading local market research company but also a member of the associations, network of international market research like Esomar, MRA, … and the most impressive is that the company has become the first market research company in South-East Asia granted with certification ISO 20252, qualifications and standards for specifically market research by the British Standards Institute 2009. So far, Intage Vietnam has expanded its representative branches in to most big cities and provinces in Vietnam in order to provide clients with diversified and complete market research services, to truly engage in the hearts and minds of Vietnamese people Intage Vietnam has worked ceaselessly at building and developing a strong human resource to meet the need of expanding the scope of work - throughout Vietnam. Intage Vietnam has become the reliable partner of chains of world’s renowned brands and reputable businesses, corporations in Vietnam. Intage Vietnam won’t only be the bridge linking local businesses with foreign businesses coming in Vietnam market, but also the first bridge leading Vietnamese businesses to reach the world’s market, with the strength of market knowledge stock and local market understanding. In order to do that, Intage Vietnam has built the partner’s network of market research in various countries to provide a full chain of professional and perfect services. 3. Competitive advantage "Knowledge is power”, in the context of international integration, the knowledge of the market is the key to success and also a decisive competitive factor of businesses. "If you don’t have consumer research to understand what you’re doing, and have some pulse on what consumers think about you, you’re tending to make your best guess in marketing". Ears to the ground and eyes on the wider world. With such understanding, Intage Vietnam together with its leading experts in marketing and market research, not only understand the length and breadth of Vietnam, they also have a meaningful relationship with its cultural diversity, it specialties and its peculiarities and thus will provide their clients with refined and sensible analysis about market chances to serve for sustainable development strategies towards the future of each business. Thanks to the total understanding of the local country and the professionalism in every activity up to international standards, Intage Vietnam has earned its place in the market research realm, and has created the highly competitive difference versus other international market research companies.

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